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Enjoy a Gastronomic experience with the nuevoleonesa cuisine and its

tlaxcaltecan, spanish and sephardic roots.

Learn about the jewish past of Monterrey, the founders of the city

and the Carvajal Family.

We are real travelers with lots of experience and a big passion for the secret

past of Monterrey…

Live and enjoy Monterrey and learn its history and essence!

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Include: The Macroplaza Circuit (monuments and buildings: City Hall, Museums, Government Palace, the Santa Lucía Riverwalk, the Old Neighborhood (Barrio Antiguo), the Diocese Lookout and the Bishop’s Palace & the amazing an unique beauty and magic of La Huasteca.

EL GUSTO TOUR- Enjoy beauty… have a beer & know everything about Monterrey while having an interesting chat in a Mexican cantina!

Include: Santa Lucía Riverwalk, Cervecería Cuauhtémoc or the Juárez Market and a good Mexican Cantina.

Our tours include: Tickets for the Santa Lucía Riverwalk, a Beer at Cervecería, History, Legends and Traditions.

Lenght of tours: Approximately 4 hours.

¡We can create special tours for you! Just let us know what your interests are, and we will plan something great for you.

Remember that we will attend you personally.

¡Be a Traveler Not a Tourist with Monterrey Mágico Tours!